1.15 Announcement Details

I'm happy to announce that we will be releasing our 1.15 server on
Saturday the 11th of january, 5pm GMT, 12pm EST!

Staying the same:

- Claiming
- McMMO & McMMO events
- Transfering Claimblocks
- Armour stand editor & /hdb
- Daily king of the hill Match
- Ability to make chestshops
- The amazing staff team ;)


- Marriage will be removed
- Instead of a /warp shop, everything will be sold/bought via /shop
- Renegade+ will gain access to a premium shop and /sellall
- Revolutionary will gain access to /phantomtoggle, to toggle phantom spawning
- Anarchist will be replaced by a different f2p obtainable rank
- Guilds will now consist of 6 ranks instead of 3
- Players will be able to rent a playerwarp
- A brand new spawn and pvp arena
- Daily, Weekly and Monthly quests, as well as a Premium quests, available to Insurgent+
- Amount of claimblocks per premium rank will change on 1.15, check it out in /premium
- And much more ;)