September Monthly Updates

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Welcome to September!

⥽✺ Moon Crate

Discover the darkness of space with our new Moon crate!

⥽✺ Building Contest
This month's theme: Night
Last month's winner was GameMasterCRO!
Please make a ticket on our discord to collect your reward!

⥽✺ Updates
We added a fun new perk for Fanatic: rainbow armour. Next to this we're working on some minor bugfixes as well!

The new free to play rank following up on Traitor! The rank is unlockable via /level after achieving Traitor and needs you to have at least 1k in all mcmmo skills, as well as 20k total mcmmo level. Next to this the rank costs 3M coins, 100k cb and you have to have 30 days of playtime. With the rewards...​

August Monthly Updates

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greek resize 1.png

Welcome to August!

⥽✺ God Crate
You'll feel on top of Mount Olympus when you see our new God Crate!

⥽✺ Building Contest
This month's theme: Nether
[COLOR=rgb(84, 172...​

July Monthly Updates

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It's july already, summer break is coming near!

Sun Crate

Try not to get sunburned handling these shining items in our new Sun Crate!

Building Contest
This months theme: Sun
Last month's winner was Chinese_Jesus!
Thank you all for participating ❤
Please make a ticket on our discord to collect your reward!

Coming Updates
In the background we've been working hard to put out some new updates. This month we hope to release an updated version of KotH, as well as a reworked version of McMMO events! More details to be announced in our discord. Accompanying these updates we will release a brand new Rewards Shop!

Top Voters
1. vanillaC4 - 25$ Store voucher
2. Chinese_Jesus -...​

June Monthly Updates

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Happy June! We're excited for Rebels' 2nd summer!

Ocean Crate
Wade in the water and check out our new ocean themed crate!

Building Contest
This months theme: Ocean

Last month's winner was 9137!
Thank you all for participating ❤

Please make a ticket on our discord to collect your reward!

Anniversary Event
To celebrate our 1st birthday we are having a birthday party!
The party will take place on Saturday, June 6th at 3pm EST | 8pm BST.
Hope to see you there!

Revolutionary Giveaway Winner
Congrats Bornaj, you won the giveaway!


May Monthly Updates

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Happy 1 Year Anniversary!
We've had an amazing ride since we officially launched last year
on May 31st, 2019. Thanks for joining us.

Anniversary Crate
To celebrate our anniversary we're starting this month off with an anniversary crate, this crate will include many festive items!

Building Contest
This month's build contest will be also be related to our anniversary, build one of your best memories of the server so far!
Or built a giant cake, we ain't the boss of you!
April's winner was: Cinianna, please make a ticket on our discord to collect your reward!

Anniversary event

Link your...

April Monthly Updates

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🥀🌻 We are excited to turn the page from March into the new month of April 🌸🌼

Hop on over to the new Bunny Crate at /warp crates later today! We also rotated the Premium /shop.

Theme: Spring
Click here for the post.
Congrats to Ruz_ for winning the March build contest!

A second marketplace will be opened on April 2nd, 2020

Sunday, April 12th
3pm EST | 8pm GMT


March Monthly Updates

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March updates

Bee Crate
The new crate is buzzing at spawn and the rewards are dripping in honey! Go check them out


Prefix Selection
You can now select which prefix you want to display in-game using /prefix!


Top Voters for February

1. acesryan - $20 Store coupon...

February Monthly Updates

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We kicked off 1.15 in January, and now we have even more fun updates for February!

Love is in the air with the new Love Crate at /warp crates! We also rotated the Premium /shop.

Similar to the Anarchist rank, we have a new free rank that we are introducing: Traitor. More info on how to obtain the traitor rank can be found

This month, we will be having our first event on the 1.15 server: The Valentine's Day event! Bring your loved ones and conquer the maze, parkour, and some of the scariest bosses MC-Rebels has ever seen! Be sure to...

1.15 Announcement Details

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I'm happy to announce that we will be releasing our 1.15 server on
Saturday the 11th of january, 5pm GMT, 12pm EST!

Staying the same:

- Claiming
- McMMO & McMMO events
- Transfering Claimblocks
- Armour stand editor & /hdb
- Daily king of the hill Match
- Ability to make chestshops
- The amazing staff team ;)


- Marriage will be removed
- Instead of a /warp shop, everything will be sold/bought via /shop
- Renegade+ will gain access to a premium shop and /sellall
- Revolutionary will gain access to /phantomtoggle, to toggle phantom spawning
- Anarchist will be replaced by a different f2p obtainable rank
- Guilds will now consist of 6 ranks instead of 3
- Players will be able to rent a playerwarp
- A brand new spawn and pvp arena
- Daily, Weekly and Monthly quests, as well as a Premium quests...​

January Monthly Updates

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January Updates

Dark Crate

Happy new year! The nights are slowely getting shorter again,
but for now, they are still quite dark, that's why we have got a new
dark crate out!


Top Voters for November

1. Lampologist - $20 Store coupon
2. Mariel141 - $15 Store coupon
3. Ruz_ - $5 Store coupon

Please open a ticket on our discord server to receive your coupon.


Minor updates and changes

- /warp shop stock has been...​